Anyone interested in the topic of thermography and thermal imaging cameras will often find interesting articles and contributions on the Internet.


On the other hand, professional books provide a comprehensive and complete insight and are interesting for users who want to acquire a solid knowledge foundation.

Here are the most popular books on thermal imaging and thermography at Amazon of the year 2016:

2. Fluke BOOK-ITP Introduction to Thermography Principles Book*
  • Provides an introduction to the principles of thermography for electrical engineers and technicians who monitor industrial processes and maintain utilities, electrical, and mechanical systems
  • Describes safe and efficient usage of thermal imagers for capturing high-resolution infrared images of thermal patterns in commercial, industrial, municipal, and residential environments and applications
  • Includes 122 illustrations that depict thermal images of electrical, electro-mechanical, HVAC, process and building inspection applications
  • Provides information about thermography analysis, reporting, and documentation
  • Full-color, paperback book is 72 pages long and co-written by Fluke Corp. and the Snell Group
starting from 35,09 $
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7. Harder Darker Faster: Thermography Deluxe [DVD AUDIO] by Cradle of Filth*
Harder Darker Faster: Thermography Deluxe [DVD AUDIO] by Cradle of Filth
starting from 0,00 $
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