For professional applications where powerful devices are needed, there are also cheap models. The thermal imaging cameras can be used in daily use, where challenging and versatile issues are investigated and reliable measurement results are required.

Application areas of the presented thermal imaging cameras are the use by the professional in building diagnostics, laboratory and measuring technology, medical technology and the safety sector.

The best thermal imaging cameras for professionals in direct comparison:

NameFLIR i7FLIR i5FLIR E5Testo 870-1FLUKE

FLIR i7FLIR_I5_I7_19FLIR_E5_02testo870-1FLK-Ti90guideIR510-160_2
Price (approx.)$2900$1500$1500$1900$2000$2000
Temperature Range-20 to 250 °C (-4° F to 482° F) -20 to 250 °C (-4° F to 482° F) -20 to 250 °C (-4° F to 482° F) -20 to 280 °C (-4° F to 536° F) -20 to 250 °C (-4° F to 482° F) -20 to 250 °C (-4° F to 482° F)
Sensor-Resolution140 x 140 pixel 100 x 100 pixel 120 x 90 pixel 160 x 120 pixel 80 x 80 pixel 160 x 120 pixel
Accuracy± 2 °C or± 2 % ± 2 °C or± 2 % ± 2 °C, ± 2 % of the measure value±2%± 2 °C or 2 % (at 25 °C nominally)
Thermal Sensitivity<100 mK<100 mK100mK<100 mK<100 mK
Optics29 ° x 29 °21 ° x 21 °45 ° x 34 °34° x 26°26 ° x 26 °35.9 x 27.3 °
Display240 x 320 pixel (2,8 inch)240 x 320 pixel (2,8 inch)320 x 240 pixel (3 inch)320 x 240 pixel (3,5 inch)3,5 inch color LCD320 x 240 pixel LCOS search display
TechnologyUncooled microbolometerUncooled microbolometerUncooled microbolometerUncooled microbolometer FPA (Focal Plane Array), uncooled microbolometerUncooled microbolometer
Memory2 GB miniSD card (approx. 5000 pictures)2 GB miniSD card (approx. 5000 pictures)Internal SD card (500 pictures)Internal memory (1,6 GB / > 2000 pictures)8 GB SD card14_Delete_48x48
Charger / BatterySocket charger (Li-Ion Battery)Socket charger (Li-Ion Battery)Socket charger (Li-Ion Battery)Li-Ion BatterySocket charger (Li-Ion Battery)Socket charger with USB (Li-Ion Battery)
Wavelength Range7.5 to 13 µm7.5 to 13 µm8 to 14 µm9 to 15 µm 8 to 14 µm
With digital camera
(visual spectrum)
MiscellaneousCentral measuring point,
measuring range with max. /
min. temperature display
Automatic hot-cold spot detectionPicture-in-pictureVideo output, shock and water protected, diopter adjustment, tripod thread
Dimensions (WxLxH) in mm223 x 79 x 85223 x 79 x 8595 x 244 x 14096 x 219 x 9586 x 135 x 28466 x 158 x 62
Weight365 g365 g575 g550 g726 g305 g
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FLIR i5/i7

The FLIR i5* and FLIR i7* devices from the FLIR ix series have a 100 x 100 pixel or 140 x 140 pixel thermal sensor. The FLIR i7 was also equipped with an optics with a larger field of view of 29 ° C x 29 ° instead of 21 ° C x 21 °. In contrast to the FLIR i5, the FLIR i7 can calculate the min and max value of a surface in the thermal image and display the isothermal representation (below and above).

Depending on the desired sensor resolution, users who are looking for brand quality, opt for the FLIR i5 or FLIR i7. It is used in professional applications in building diagnostics and technology as well as in electronics and industry.

  • Emissivity correction adjustable from 0.1 to 1.0
  • Battery life approx. 5 hours for average use
  • Quality and workmanship
  • Flir i7: High sensor resolution
  • MSX® Image Overlay (Image Combining)



Like the FLIR E4, the professional FLIR E5* thermal imaging camera has the MSX® image overlay function (Image-Combining). In addition, it scores in comparison with better thermal sensitivity and significantly higher sensor resolution. For users who want a high thermal resolution and at the same time a simple to use brand product are well advised to buy the FLIR E5.

It is suitable for professional use in construction, industry and technology. It leaves nothing to be desired by the professional.

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  • Emissivity correction adjustable from 0.1 to 1.0
  • Battery life approximately 4 hours at 25 ° C ambient temperature and normal use
  • Quality and workmanship
  • High sensor resolution
  • MSX® image overlay (image-combining) – for the professional
  • Designed to withstand a drop from 2 m height
  • No picture-in-picture display feature


Testo 870-1


The large 3.5 inch display and the high sensor resolution make the Testo 870-1* particularly interesting. Unfortunately, an integrated digital camera (visible spectrum) is missing, which is only found in the Testo 870-2. The device delivers sharp images and is recommended for the thermal imaging camera professional, who does not need any special additional functions, but wants a good performance in thermal imaging.


Application fields are through the simple operation of heating construction, building trade, maintenance and facility management.

More information …

  • Emissivity correction adjustable from 0.1 to 1.0
  • Battery life> 4h
  • Relatively high sensor resolution
  • Very simple handling
  • Missing integrated digital camera (but available with the Testo 870-2)




Compared to the FLK-Ti90, the FLK-Ti95* offers a slightly higher sensor resolution and an integrated picture-in-picture display. Unfortunately, there is a lack of  an image-combining feature. In addition, the number of available color palettes in FLK-Ti95 was increased by 3 to 6 pallets. The Fluke model is for users who want to buy a brand product and do not necessarily need an image-combining presentation.

Due to the very robust design, it is especially recommended for rough working environments and mobile use.

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  • Emissivity correction adjustable from 0.1 to 1.0
  • Battery life approx> = 4 hours at continuous average use
  • 6 color pallets
  • 2 MP digital camera integrated (visible spectrum)
  • Quality and workmanship, robust design
  • 8 GB SD Memory Card (incl.)
  • Designed to withstand a drop from 2 m height
  • Picture-in-picture display possible
  • Measurement box (Fixed size) feature with min, max and average value for the professional user
  • Weight
  • Relative low sensor resolution
  • No Image-Combining


Guide Thermal Imager IR510

guideIR510-160_2This portable thermal imaging camera* is particularly suitable for use in object protection, animal observation and security applications. It has a high sensor resolution and a 2-fold zoom that makes objects easily visible in the dark. The professional mounts it on a tripod and monitors the image on a screen via the video output. In addition, an LCOS viewfinder screen is integrated.

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  • Mounting on tripod possible
  • High sensor resolution
  • Use by day and night
  • Water resistant
  • Shockproof
  • Continuous operation of 10 h
  • Missing memory
  • No Image-Combining

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