A cost-effective alternative to all-in-one thermal imagers are attachments for smartphones (Android or iOS). The mobile phone displays the thermal image of an external sensor and offers the possibility to save the images to view them later.

This variant is particularly interesting for homeowners, technicians and beginners who want to perform a qualitative evaluation of a thermal engineering problem at low cost and already have a compatible smartphone

The best thermal image camera attachments for the smartphone in direct comparison:

NameSeek Thermal Compact -
Standard Range
Seek Thermal Compact XR -
Extended Range
FLIR One -
Protective Case for
iPhone 5/5S              
Price (approx.)$210$240$215$120
Temperature Range-40°C to 330°C (-40°F to 626°F)-40°C to 330°C (-40°F to 626°F)0 to 100 °C (32°F to 212°F) -20 to 120 °C (-4°F to 248°F)
TechnologyVanadium Oxide MicrobolometerVanadium Oxide MicrobolometerFLiR Lepton®FLiR Lepton®
Resolution206×156 Pixel206×156 Pixel80×60 Pixel160×120 Pixel
Operating SystemAndroid Android-logo_small / iOS apple_logo_smallAndroid Android-logo_small / iOS apple_logo_smalliOS apple_logo_smallAndroid Android-logo_small / iOS apple_logo_small
Wavelength Range7.2 to 13 µm7.2 to 13 µm8 to 14 μm8 to 14 μm
Water Resistant15_Tick_48x4815_Tick_48x4814_Delete_48x4814_Delete_48x48
Weight14 g14 g110 g78 g
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Seek Thermal Compact Standard Range/Extended Range


The Seek Thermal attachment convinces with its wide temperature range and high resolution. In the Extended Range version, the adjustable focus allows for the highest possible depth of view.

It is available in both the Standard Range* and Extended Range* versions for Android and iOS and is compatible with many smartphones.

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FLIR ONE – Protective Cover for the iPhone 5/5S



A combination of thermal imaging camera and protective cover is the FLIR ONE for Apple iPhone 5 / 5S*. Unfortunately, both the resolution of this device and the temperature range are the lowest in the comparison, but represents a low-cost option in conjunction with a smartphone.

The product is recommended especially for applications where a fall of the device can not always be avoided (hunting, security, etc.).

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FLIR ONE for Android/iOS


As a successor to the iPhone’s protective case, FLIR offers an improved version of the FLIR ONE for an Android* and iOS smartphone*. The temperature range was increased by 40 Kelvin and the resolution doubled.

It uses the MSX image combining technology that blends the visible spectrum with the thermal image on the softwareside and delivers more beautiful pictures with more details to the smartphone. This attachment for the smartphone provides a good compromise between price and performance.

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