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  • Simple handling
  • Quick measurement
  • Measurement memory
  • Accuracy
  • Delivery contents


  • Emissivity not adjustable

The Medisana infrared fever thermometer allows contactless and precise measurements. It is particularly suitable for measuring body temperature in children.

We have thoroughly examined the thermometer and presented it to you in more detail.

Learn more about other application areas of the device, as well as the strengths and weaknesses in the application!

The Medisana infrared fever thermometer FTN in the test

Putting into operation, packaging and first impression



The Medisana FTN infrared fever thermometer measures without contact temperatures of the head on the forehead.

Conventional thermometers are normally used to measure the body temperature in the mouth, under the armpits or rectally. Especially measurements in the mouth and under the armpits are often inaccurate and annoying for children.

Medisana has therefore developed a thermometer that can quickly and easily measure the temperature at the forehead via an infrared sensor. This makes it particularly hygienic and sleeping children are not even awakened during the measurement.



The thermometer comes with a convenient storage box. It is nicely adapted to the dimensions of the device and protects it against falls and dust during storage.

The display is large enough to read the values, but has a little reflection. In itself, the device lies greatly in the hand and the angle of the sensor has been optimized well. It also fits loosely in the pants pocket and is thus perhaps more interesting for the more frequent use with pediatricians, etc.

Medisana Infrarot-Fieberthermometer FTN Schalter

Selection switch for body measurement or object temperature

At the front end of the device are the IR sensor as well as a blue LED that is activated when the measurement process is running to indicate the detected measurement field.

On the side is a switch for choosing between measuring body temperature and the general measurement of temperatures of objects.

Measurement and test

Medisana Infrarot-Fieberthermometer FTN Messung Körpertemperatur

The small on / off button activates the device and it lights up briefly while it is performing a self test. Now you can either start measuring immediately by pressing the “START” button or change the calculation of the body temperature.

This conversion is a particularly practical feature of the Medisana infrared fever thermometer. In general it is known that measurements of the body temperature differ orally, axillary and rectal. The device can convert the measured temperature at the front into one of the three variants and display the equivalent value.

Auswahlmodus für die Umrechnung

Selection menu for conversion

In order to switch between the three variants, a small configuration must be made after turing the device on. If the switch on the left is set to the “fever measurement” position, it has briefly to be switched to the “house” and back to the “head”.

Then one of the three sections of a symbolically represented body flashes in the display. The three sections represent the three variants. Press the “START” button to switch back and forth. If you leave the device briefly at the desired setting, the setting is saved and the measurement can then begin.


Object measurement

If you want to measure the temperature of objects (between 0 ° C and 100 ° C / 32°F and 212° F), set the sliding switch to “house” position before switching on the device.

The recording of the last 30 measured values – whether body temperature or object measurement – is praiseworthy. The data can be easily retrieved. To do this, simply press the “START” button when the device is switched off and then press the button again to display the previous measured values. This is useful to follow the course of a disease with fever.

Das Gerät von vorne

The device from the front

In the case of the fever measurement you also hear acoustically whether the current measured value still changes, while the “START” button is pressed. If you release the button, the highest value recorded is displayed. The device also gives an initial estimate of whether there is a fever in which it illuminates from 37.8 ° C (100,04° F) (rectal) the display instead of green now red.


During the test, no problems with the batteries could be detected. The life time is probably very high and in normal operation is determined by the self-discharge rather than by the power consumption of the device.


The fever thermometer of Medisana is primarily – as the name implies – suitable for measuring body temperature. For this purpose, one must know that when measuring temperatures with infrared technology, a certain calibration is necessary depending on the object.

Niedriger Messwert

Low reading

This non-contact thermometer is precisely adapted to the human skin and can give accurate measurements – provided the areas of the skin are not covered with dirt, hair or sweat.

The integrated measuring function for detecting temperatures of objects is to be used with caution. Since no manual adjustment of the so-called emission coefficient is possible, errors can occur in the displayed measured values.

Technical specifications

With relatively compact dimensions of approx. 14.7 x 3.8 x 2.1 cm, it is similar to a remote control in the hand. The weight is about 480 g.

Interesting is the measurable range from 16 ° C (60.8° F) to 40 ° C (104° F) in the “body” mode and from 0 ° C to 100 ° C (32° F to 212° F) in object mode. The measured values are resolved in steps of 0.1 ° C.

The manufacturer gives a measuring accuracy of ± 0.2 ° C in the range of 36 – 39 ° C (96.8° F to 102.2° F). Otherwise a measuring accuracy of ± 0.3 ° C should be assumed.

The measurement time is only approx. 1 second. After 3 minutes of non-use, the unit will turn off automatically to save energy.

Application areas

The fever measurement is especially useful for children. A conventional measurement with fever thermometers is perceived as annoying and unpleasant and can therefore be a strain on parents and children. Often, for this reason, some measurements are unfortunately omitted – if it does not have to be.

No long waiting is necessary for non-contact measurement with this high-tech device. Within seconds the value including assessment is displayed. It is also not necessary to write down the values because the device saves the last 30 values.

Medisana Infrarot-Fieberthermometer FTN Messfleck

But it is also suitable as a normal thermometer for adults. Just when you’re sick and have high fever, measurements are particularly unpleasant and you’d like to avoid them. With the Medisana IR thermometer you can carry out hygienic measurements without much effort and devote yourself completely to the recreation.

The function for measuring temperatures of non-living objects is also interesting for parents. For example, the temperature of a milk bottle can be checked carefully so that the infant does not get burns.

Delivery contents

  • Medisana Infrared thermometer FTN
  • Storage box with transparent lid
  • Instructions for use (multilingual)
  • Medisana service notes
  • 2 x AAA batteries (included)

Delivery contents

Conclusion – Medisana Infrared thermometers FTN

Medisana Infrarot-Fieberthermometer FTN Gehäuse

In the test the Medisana infrared fever thermometer FTN convinced us with the simple and understandable handling.

It is ideal for uncomplicated measurement of body temperature. The measuring accuracy is sufficient and the storage of the last 30 measurement points is quite praiseworthy. A small bonus is the function for measuring the temperature of objects.

The batteries are already included in the delivery and you can get started right away. The storage box is also convenient. All in all, the good price-performance ratio is a clear purchase recommendation.