Black + Decker TLD100-XJ energy saving detector













  • Colored illumination of the measuring difference
  • Adjustable thresholds
  • Good workmanship
  • Good value


  • Cumbersome setting of the reference
  • Emissivity not adjustable
  • Slightly slow

With the Black + Decker TLD100-XJ energy-saving detector it is easy to detect temperature differences in buildings quickly. The differences are signaled via a multi-colored signal light and the measured values are displayed on a large display.

We have taken a closer look at this energy saving measuring device for you and explain the functionality in detail below.

Please also read more about the usage and possible application areas of the TLD100-XJ!

The Black + Decker TLD100-XJ energy saving detector test

First use, packaging and our impression

Black + Decker TLD100-XJ Verpackung schräg

The Black + Decker TLD100-XJ energy-saving detector is easy to use. It feels robust when unpacked and is kept in “black and decker” colors.

Black and Decker focussed more on price-conscious DIYers who tend to have smaller projects in the house and garden. Also with the TLD100-XJ one can not complain about the price.


The device is controlled by only two setting options / push buttons. Black + Decker TLD100-XJ ausgeschaltenOn the one hand there is the on and off switch. And on the other hand, a slider for setting the measuring sensitivity.

At the front of the device is the infrared sensor as well as a projection optics for an integrated, multi-colored LED.

Black + Decker TLD100-XJ Batteriefach Umschaltung

The 9 V battery is stored in a fold-out battery compartment. There is also a small configuration switch for selecting the temperature unit. Celsius and Fahrenheit are available.

The number of the data on the display is manageable. The set reference temperature is displayed in small font size and below the continuously updated temperature in the measurement spot . The temperature unit is indicated with “° F” or “° C”.

Overall, a relatively simple device with rather little configuration options and easy operation.

Measurement and test

Black + Decker TLD100-XJ Display pre RerenezThe most important thing to consider when using the device is probably the setting of the reference temperature. When the TLD100-XJ is switched off, the TLD100-XJ is pointed to an object or area whose current temperature is to be selected as the reference point. For example, the center of a wall surface. Then press the power button and wait until the bar at the top of “REF” is replaced by a temperature.

Thus, a reference point has been set for the following measurements. Now the device constantly compares the new temperature readings in the measuring spot with the set reference temperature:

  • If the measured temperature is below the reference, the integrated LED headlamp illuminates in blue.
  • Black + Decker TLD100-XJ Lampe rotIf it is the same value, this is signaled with a green color
  • If the measured value of the temperature is above the reference point, the LED is red.

How sensitive the device is to react to these temperature differences is also adjusted with the slider. Three different thresholds are adjustable. There is also a fourth position where you can “lock” the currently set color. A further difference comparison then no longer takes place.

Black + Decker TLD100-XJ Lampe blau

The absolute measuring accuracy is not particularly outstanding. This is due to the lack of adjustment for the degree of emissivity of objects.

For simple measurements of temperature fluctuations in the house, however, the device can already be used.


The manual recommends to cover polished and glossy surfaces with an adhesive tape or a matte color in order to increase the measuring accuracy.

Black + Decker TLD100-XJ Display pre Rerenez

A bit annoying when it comes to the handling with the time is the reference value. You have to switch the TLD100-XJ off and on and wait until it has calibrated again. The measuring process itself is also somewhat sluggish.

However, there are also positive points for that you can be fully focused on the measuring spot thanks to the LED lighting. A look at the display is not necessary due to the color indication.

Also it is nice that the display has a background lighting, but the contrast black on red could be better.

Technical specifications

Black + Decker TLD100-XJ Seite vorneThe integrated infrared sensor can cover a measuring range from -30 ° C to 150 ° C (-22° F to 302° F). This is sufficient for most domestic applications.

According to the data sheet, the accuracy of the device is ± 2,8 ° C at 0 ° C (32° F), ± 1,3 ° C at 23 ° C (73,4° F) and ± 2,2 ° C at 100 ° C (212° F). Valid for a distance of 15 cm to the test object . The measurement time is stated to be less than one second.

Black + Decker TLD100-XJ Verpackung Seite

The field of view of the TLD 100-XJ is projected at a ratio of 6: 1. That is, the size of the infrared measuring spot is 10 cm at a distance of 60 cm.

A total of four different selection options are available for setting the thermal sensitivity:

  • 0,5 ° C (1° F),
  • 3 ° C (5° F).
  • 5 ° C (10° F)
  • And locking the LED color

Application areas

Black + Decker TLD100-XJ linke Seite

The device was basically designed for the detection of heat leaks. For the user, various application scenarios are found in buildings. For example, you can check the frame of a door on heat bridges. You start at the wall or the door surface and then slowly measure closer to the frame. If the device indicates larger temperature differences, it is to be assumed that the door is not very well insulated. The same principle can also be used for windows or roof hatches.

Also in the case of ceiling insulation, temperature fluctuations, which indicate weak points, can be detected in rooms or on the roof. Further interesting measuring points in the house are transitions between wall and floor. There, a leak can lead to small air drafts and thus to measurable temperature differences.

Of course you can use the TLD100-XJ as a normal infrared thermometer. To do this, set the sliding switch to the uppermost position so that the color no longer changes. The reference temperature is simply ignored and only reads the displayed measured value. However, it should be mentioned that due to the lack of adjustment for the degree of emissivity, the measured absolute values should be taken with caution.

Black + Decker TLD100-XJ Verpackung vorne

Delivery contents

Everything is included in the delivery so that you can get started with the measurement right away:

  • Black + Decker TLD100-XJ Energy Saving Detector
  • 9-volt battery
  • Multilingual user manual

Conclusion – Black + Decker TLD100-XJ energy saving detector

The Black + Decker TLD100-XJ Energy Saving Detector is designed for the price-conscious DIY enthusiast who wants to examine a few places in the house on thermal insulation.

There were positive points in the test for the colored light and easy operation. The device had to receive negative points for the cumbersome setting of the reference value and the missing setting possibility for emissivity levels.

If you want to collect a little experience with thermal measuring devices and house insulation, the device can be a favorable offer. It can also be used as a rudimentary infrared thermometer.