Building diagnostics

One of the most important fields of application for thermal imaging cameras is the investigation of buildings for structural defects and the detection of weak spots. These include:

  • Leaking windows, doors, gas lines
  • Cold walls (moisture)
  • Leaks in floor heating systems and water pipes
  • Damaged insulation
  • etc.

Speculation and suspicion about constructional weaknesses can be detected and clarified quickly with the help of a thermal imaging camera. Potential savings that result from fixing the weak points are often underestimated, although it would be financially lucrative in the long term to recognize and exploit this early.

plumbing photo

Insbesondere wenn ein Verdacht auf ein Wasserleck besteht oder mit Schimmel gekämpft wird, lohnt sich oft schon früh eine Investition in eine Wärmebildkamera, da durch solche Situationen schnell hohe finanzielle Schäden entstehen können und sie oft wiederkehrend sind, wenn die Ursache des Problems nicht erkannt und behoben wird.

In particular, if a suspicion of water leaks exists or there are problems with molds, it is often worth investing in a thermal imaging camera at a very early stage, as these situations can quickly lead to high financial losses and they are often recurring if the cause of the problem is not recognized and corrected.

Electronics and electrics

Areas of application of thermal imaging cameras in electrical engineering are in research and development. Nowadays, the use of electronic circuits is becoming more and more common. If high currents are present, poorly dimensioned conductors and cables can be subject to high and unequally distributed loads which can not be detected with the naked eye. A non-contact temperature measurement with a thermal imaging camera ensured that the thermal design of a circuit was dimensioned correctly and that so-called hot spots do not occur.

For use in the electrical system, thermal imaging cameras pay off quickly as the very tedious detection of cable damage can be facilitated. Cable defects can manifest themselves, among other things, by an increased resistance of the line which leads to an extraordinary heating. For safety reasons, these temperature differences may only be recorded in a non-contact manner during operation. Thermal imaging cameras are also particularly suitable for the investigation of electrical equipment such as transformers, solar modules or switch boxes.



Hunting: Tracking the game and rediscovering in the dark

Wild animals such as deer often show themselves only at dusk and are only difficult to spot for hunters and rangers later in the night. Thermal imaging cameras are used to spot the game from a distance in the dark without the need for means such as a headlight that often frighten the animals. Even animals that are behind thin bushes can be detected on the thermal image.

Also escaped livestock and pets hidden in the dark and that are normally not directly visible can be tracked with thermal imaging cameras. It is important to get a thermal imaging camera with a large depth of view.


An often unused range of applications is the use of thermal imaging cameras in the field of safety. When it comes to securing land and property against predators and intruders, thermal imaging cameras can be used very effectively. If there is a suspicion of penetration, a thermal image from a safe distance quickly gives certainty and, in case of doubt, provides a valuable advantage in dangerous situations.

Last but not least, the military relies on night vision equipment and thermal imaging cameras to recognize people and surroundings even in complete darkness.

Medical examination of domestic animals

In  the diagnostics of diseases in animals thermal imaging cameras can be applied. If a dog or a cat has an inflamed paw, for example, it has a higher temperature due to the increased blood flow and can be detected with a thermal imaging camera.

paws photo

Fire Department

Other fields of application of thermal imaging cameras are the use at the fire brigade for the detection of hidden fire foci and the identification of persons in poor visibility in buildings. Here, a thermal imaging camera can give the decisive time advantage in order to minimize material damage and save lives.

firefighters camera photo

Further fields of application:

  • Sports medicine
  • Art and design
  • Mechatronics
  • Renewable energy
  • Air conditioning
  • Movies effects