With the help of wild-cameras, hunters, foresters and nature enthusiats can observe animals in their habitant.

Thanks to infrared technology, a wild camera detects a moving, living object in the field of view and even – like a thermal imaging camera – can take pictures of animals at night.

In the following, you will learn exactly what to look out for when setting up the device, and see the results of successful shots in the gallery.

Positioning and setting up the camera trap

With camera traps is the right place where the camera is attached and what is in the field of view of the device is paramount. Good places to attach are smaller trees as well as feeding places. Less suitable are shrubs and very small trees.

It is always important to ensure that the wild camera is protected from theft. The manufacturers usually integrate eyelets through which a bicycle lock or the like can be threaded through.

In the middle of the field of vision should be some food for attracting the animals. However, people should not stay too long in this area, as they provide a scent that often frightens many animals.

But one can run a couple of times in front of the camera to see if the settings are correct and the trigger works. This should, of course, be done in the dark, since only in this way can the contrasts be checked.

Feed lining as bait

An arbitrarily positioned wildlife camera trap will rarely get beautiful objects in front of the lens. However, hunters and foresters can position the camera at feeding points.

Animals such as roe deer are lured in the colder season by the artificial food offer and go into the field of view of the camera.



Camera traps at daytime

With integrated motion sensors and a digital camera for the visual spectrum, wonderful lighting can be achieved with sufficient illumination.

Unfortunately, many wild animals are nocturnal and rather shy during the day. Good times are in the morning and in the evening at dusk.

Pay attention to the orientation of the camera with respect to the course of the sun. Excessive sunshine can cause over-exposure. It is best to place it in the direction of propagation of the sun’s rays.

Sensitivity and object size

The sensitivity of good camera traps is usually high enough. Even small animals, such as birds, can be correctly identified with good adjustment.

Many devices allow a fine calibration of the detector. The sensitivity can then be increased so far that the smallest movements trigger a photograph. On the other hand, it must be avoided that the trigger is triggered incorrectly, otherwise the memory quickly fills with “empty” images.

Maintenance and transfer of the images


Depending on the design and the activity, of course, the batteries of the camera trap must be changed. A lifetime of a battery pack of a few months with a good adjustment of the camera are nothing unusual.

Expensive and modern cameras can send the images directly via MMS via GSM module. This requires a dedicated SIM card. Also, a slight reduced runtime due to the power consumption during transmission is to be expected. Most of the wildlife camera traps have a SD-slot. A transfer of the recordings can then be done either at home on the PC or even on the spot with a laptop. This must be done at regular intervals, as the SD card can fill quickly and it would be a shame if no new recordings are made due to lack of memory space.

Misuse for object monitoring

Wildlife camera traps can also be misused for monitoring buildings and land. They produce photos of human invaders at night as well as of animal creatures.

An advantage over conventional monitoring and thermal imaging cameras is that a recording is triggered in a targeted manner if a living being moves in front of the lens. Therefore, it is not necessary to scan video material of a video surveillance camera or a thermal imaging camera in case of suspicion. If the wild camera takes serial shots, several images are taken in a short period of time.

1. Crenova 12MP 1080P HD Game & Trail Hunting Camera Night Vision up to 65ft with 42pcs 940nm IR LEDs and 120 Wide Angle, 2.4" LCD Display,0.6s Trigger Time Game Camera*
  • 【12MP Photo & 1080P Video】This game camera preserves every breathtaking moment of wildlife in high-performance 12-megapixel image resolution, brightly colored photos are captured during the daytime ((black and white at night), takes up to 3 photos per detection. The 1080P HD video is also with the very clear sound.
  • 【120° wide angle view and 0.6 Seconds Trigger Speed】120° wide angle lens provide you the great shooting scope. Besides,an impressively faster trigger speed of the central PIR sensor is about 0.6 seconds (compared to 0.5s or 1s), and the side PIR function make the trigger time narrow down to 0.2s. So, each detected movement will be documented in real time and you are guaranteed to never miss any shot.
  • 【Dimmed LEDs & Infrared Technology】Fully automatic IR filter, built-in 42 Pcs 940NM upgrading Infrared LEDs. As a scouting camera, it will not produce a bright flash that may scare the animals away during taking pictures.
  • 【Perfect Detection & Flash Range】120°Wide angle PIR sensor plus wide angle lens ensure maximum coverage which greatly expands the monitoring and shooting scope of the object. Great motion detection with detection angle of center 40°, side 30° bring the high sensitivity to this hunting camera. The trigger distance is up to 20m/65ft with IR flash which bring this hunting camera wider shooting scope.
  • 【Versatile Applications & Waterproof Design】There are multi-recording modes, such as: Interval Recording, Time-Lapse, Timer, Password Protection, Time Stamp and Low Battery Alarm. Also, IP56 Waterproof design makes the camera ideal for outdoor applications, great sensitivity which can make it have the function of surveillance camera. Besides, Crenova service team provides professional 24-hour after-sales services on Amazon.
starting from 199,99 $
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2. ENKEEO PH730S Trail Camera 1080P 12MP HD Wildlife Game Hunting Cam with 42PCS 840NM IR LEDs Night Vision, 0.2s Trigger Time, 2.4" LCD Screen, Time Lapse, 65ft Range and IP54 Water Resistant*
  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY: All of our trail cameras come with 1 year manufacturer warranty without any additional charge to promote you a hassle-free purchase experience
  • HIGH TRIGGER SPEED: 0.2-0.6s high trigger speed; 120° wide detection angle; you are guarantee to never miss any of action. 12MP high quality full color resolution and 1920x1080P HD video (with audio); you can playback footage or browse photos with its internal screen
  • NIGHT VISION: 42pcs 850nm black low glow IR LEDs (won't scare away the animals); long night vision range up to 65 feet/ 20m distance for photos and videos
  • RELIABLE PERFORMANCE & USER FRIENDLY: built-in 2.4" TFT LCD display with 16M color; up to 8 months standby time (on 8 batteries, not included); up to 32GB external storage (not included); IP54 high waterproof certified, protect your hunting camera from raining, sand, dust or corrosion. Very easy to setup, you can use it right out of the box, default settings: 5 million pictures, 1 picture for multiple shots, shooting intervals of 1 min, 720P video
  • 2 MODES OF TIME LAPSE: supports Photo, Video and Photo + Video 3 modes; supports time lapse function and motion detection; capture picture/video at specified time intervals
starting from 189,99 $
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3. Earthtree Trail Game Camera FHD 1080P Deer Hunting Camera with 940nm IR LEDs,0.5s Trigger Speed,Up to 65ft Trigger Distance,2.4 inch LCD Screen,IP66 Water Resistance for Game & Home Security*
  • 【Crisp Photo and HD Resolution Video】Earthtree game camera takes high-performance 12M images and FHD 1080P crisp video with clear sound, capturing every breathtaking moment of wildlife. It provides brightly colored photos during the daytime (black and white at night)
  • 【IP66 Waterproof Design & Diversified Working Environment】IP66 Waterproof design, working temperature(from -20°to 60°), ultra low stand-by current 0.15mA and 8 pcs AA batteries (not included) supported, stand-by life ranging from 3-6 months makes the camera able to work in tough environments such as desert or tropical rain forest. Ideal for outdoor applications
  • 【0.5s Trigger Speed & Versatile Applications】 Impressively faster trigger speed of the central PIR sensor is about 0.5 seconds. Each detected movement will be documented in real time and at a fast shutter speed you are guaranteed to get every shot. The camera has multi-recording modes which bring versatile applications to this hunting camera, such as: Interval Recording, Time-Lapse, Timer, Password Protection, Time Stamp and Low Battery Alarm
  • 【One-year Warranty & High Quality Customer Services】Earthtree offers warranty of 12 months & professional after-sales service. All your questions will be replied within 24 hours
  • 【Infrared Technology & Great Trigger Scope】 As a new scouting camera, it applies latest Infrared Technology-built-in 950NM Invisible Infrared black LEDs. When night falls, the IR led turns on automatically and takes super clear black and white photos at night. Also the IR flash brings this hunting camera great trigger scope, animals 20m/65ft away could be captured. Plus, unique technology of low glow infrared helps the hunting camera cover perfectly.No worry about scaring animals away
starting from 58,88 $
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4. Abask Trail Camera, Wildlife Camera For Game And Hunting Scouting With Waterproof Case Digital 2.4" LCD Screen HD 50 ft Night Vision Distance, Black*
  • UPGRADED VERSION: 2.0 mega pixels CMOS sensor, 8 mega pixels photo resolution and 720P HD video with audio record. The unique sensor design offers a 60 degree wide angle of detection and improves the response time of the camera to 1.0 second. No glow black IR flash, bulit-in 26 pcs LED for a 50 ft night time vision.
  • FIVE CAPTURE MODES: Photo, Video, Photo+Video, Time Lapse, Motion Detection. Every single movement will be very accurately captured. Select whether photos or videos should be taken when motion is detected. When in the "photo + video" mode, the camera first takes a set number of photos prior to recording a video.
  • VARIOUS FUNCTIONS: Multi-shot, Interval, Time lapse, Timer, Password protection, Time stamp, Serial, Alarm at low battery power. The camera is large, robust, and has a great black case. Well built and durable, IP66 water-proof and dust-proof.
  • WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS: Camera trap for hunting. Animal or incident observation. Motion triggered security camera for domestic. Office or public use. Any internal and external surveillance, where evidence of an infringement has to be provided.
  • QUALITY & SERVICE GUARANTEE: Extremely low power consumption in standby operation providing extremely long operating times. Runs on 8 AA batteries (not included), which can reach up to 6 months long battery life and you need to plug your own SD card in(up to 32G in size). 1 Year Warranty.
starting from 57,99 $
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5. AIMTOM Trail Hunting Camera 16MP 1080P HD 2.4" LCD Screen 46Pcs IR LEDs 0.2S Trigger Waterproof Time Lapse Scouting Game Stealth Hunt Trap Cam Wildlife Observation Security Surveillance Monitor*
  • Captures 16 Megapixel images and 1080P HD video. The camera's unique sensor design provides a 120-degree wide-angle detection range. The day and night pictures are crystal clear. The lighting, clarity and color meets the most critical requirements. The NO-glow black covert LED lights provide 65 ft flash range in the dark, which do not intrude into the natural habitat. Triggering distance up to 82ft/25m.
  • Designed to work hard even under the toughest conditions. Because of our mainly big woods, back country style of hunting, we designed this camera to stand up to the test of time and have backed it with our 2 year fully covered manufacturer's warranty. IP56 water-proof and dust-proof. Extremely low power consumption in standby mode providing extremely long operating times. Runs on 8 AA batteries (not included), which can reach up to 12 months long battery life.
  • Utilizes a NO-Glow infrared flash with 46 Super Night Vision LEDs that reaches out 65 feet to give you detailed nighttime images without spooking wary bucks. Triggered by three Super PIR motion sensors, and activated by an incredible 0.2-second trigger, it won't let fast moving bucks slip by. Never miss any of breathtaking moments by multi-shot feature which can take up to 3 pictures each time.
  • Multi-shot, Interval, Timelapse, Timer, Password protection, Time stamp, Serial, Alarm at low battery power. Our camera is reliable, robust, and has a great camouflaged case. The built-in presetting is ideal for the majority of wildlife applications, whether used on trails or nest sites. It is also easy to personalize settings with a 2.4" LCD screen, as well as replaying.
  • Ideal for hunting, gaming, animal or event observation, trail/home/office/farm/backyard/community security monitoring and surveillance
starting from 149,99 $
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6. Stealth Cam P12 6 Megapixel Digital Scouting Camera, Tree Bark*
  • 6.0 Megapixel with Video recording 15 second
  • 12 IR emitters/50 ft. and EZ Dial Programming with Quick Set
  • Burst Mode 1-6 images per triggering featuring 5-59 sec/1-59 minute recovery time out with Time, Date and Moon Phase Stamp
  • Durable Digital 3-D Camo Housing with External LCD Display and Test Mode and Low Battery Indicator
  • Time, Date and Moon Phase Stamp
starting from 47,19 $
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7. DIGITNOW Trail Camera 16MP 1080P HD Waterproof, Wildlife Hunting Scouting Game Camera with 40Pcs IR LED Infrared Night Vision Up to 65FT/20M, Surveillance Camera 130° Wide Angle 120° Detection*
  • High Quality Day & Night Camera: 8 MegaPixel CMOS Sensor, 16 MP (Interpolation) HD color resolution and 1080P HD video record, multi-shot modes available. Game & Trail Camera catches every amazing moment that cannot be easily discovered by people in surprised time.
  • Fast Trigger & 130° Wide Angle: Provide surprising faster trigger speed within 0.2 seconds with the PIR sensor. Each detected moment will be recorded instantly and guaranteed never miss any shot.The 130° wide view angle lens captures more abundant view and intuitive object ,Flextime + Time Lapse / Redux Anti-Blur technology to deliver high quality photo and video.
  • Low Glow Covert Infrared LED: The 40Pcs low glow covert 940NM Infrared LEDs provides 20m/65ft range in the dark, it never produce a bright flash which makes this outdoor wildlife camera a stealthy unit that does not intrude into the natural habitat.
  • IP66 Waterproof Function: DIGITNOW! hunting camera can work under extreme temperatures of between -20°C to 60°C which makes the camera perfect for safe & outdoor use including garden security, wildlife monitoring, surveillance and scouting game.
  • More: 2.4"LCD screen for showing battery life, viewing recorded videos and images, personalizing your own setting etc. Up to 8 Months Long battery life with 8AA batteries(not included). Support SD card up to 32GB(not included). More function usage, please see the user manual. If you have any other problem with it ,please do not hesitate to contact me, I will offer professional service to help you.
starting from 89,99 $
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8. RAINBOWDAY Deer Camera Trail Camera 16MP 1080P HD IR Night Vision Wildlife Motion Activated Camera with IP56 Waterproof 0.2s Trigger Time and 2.4 inch LCD Screen Game Camera*
  • 【High Quality Image and Video】 16 Megapixel 1080p Full HD resolution, brightly colored photos each time motion is detected of wild game during the day, takes up to 9 photos per detection. Records clear video and sound (support 3s to 10minutes video length). Each video or image captured can be labeled with stamp information like moon phase, serial number, temperature (in °C/°F), date/time etc
  • 【Fast triggering speed and Long Trigger Distance】 0.2s fast triggering speed, which can ensure each detected movement is captured quickly and accurately, also documented in real time. 65ft trigger distance, effective shooting up to 20m, 3 PIR design makes sensing angle reach 120 degree. Deer camera built-in Mic records sound of animals, making sure you don't miss any of the actions and photos you want
  • 【Low-Glow Infrared Technology】 Built-in 46 pcs 850nm Invisible IR LEDs, fully automatic IR filter, with very low glow red flash, trail camera takes wonderful images, thus avoid producing such bright flash which scare animals away when taking pictures, if you are trying to get photo of a particularly sensitive animals like deer, this low glow trial camera will be more appropriate
  • 【Waterproof Design and Versatile Applications】 IP56 Waterproof protected design to protect your trail camera from raining, moist, sand, dust, corrosion etc. Passive Infrared Sensor, great sensitivity which can make it have the function of surveillance camera. replay, time lapse, interval shooting, timer, password protection, time stamp, Alarm at low battery power, etc. Set it as your will and get the precious moments
  • 【Other Excellent Features】2.4 inch LCD screen,the long battery life can last up to 8 months in standby mode. Game camera can be used for wild hunting / wild animal activity survey / orchard, farm, villa anti-theft / observation / home security. You can leave this wildlife camera strapped to a tree or mounted on a wall for long period of time
starting from 259,99 $
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9. Gosira Trail Camera Motion Activated 12MP HD 1080P Wildlife Hunting 0.5s Trigger 940nm Updated IR LED No Flash Night Vision 15M IP66 Waterproof Game Cam Wide Senor 90° detection Outdoor Nature Home*
  • ★ HIGH QUALITY RESOLUTION: Gosira camera traps trail cam captures high-performance 12MP color images and 1080P HD Video during the daytime (black and white at night). It supports pics,video,pics+video 3 modes.versatile setting such as time lapse, password protection and time stamp are also provided. Unique capture modes (Hybrid Mode/ Motion Detection) guarantees you more options and fun in regard to different hunting situations and targets.
  • ★ EXCELLENT NIGHT VISION & GREAT HIDDEN PERFORMANCE: The latest Infrared Technology 940NM Invisible LEDs are equipped.Fully automatic IR filter,When night falls, the 26pcs lights turn on automatically and takes super HD black and white photos and videos. This low glow infrared lights hunting cam owns good concealment which hard for animals to sense the lights, the camouflaging shell creats a visual trick hiding it from animals and the passerby
  • ★ TERRIFIC TRIGGER SPEED: Impressively fast trigger speed 0.5s can catch every wonderful exciting moments,each detected movement will be captured swiftly and precisly, which are extremely crutial for hunting game and animal observation. High-level configuration guarantee great stability and fast running velocity.
  • ★ WIDE SENSOR ANGLE & SUPER WATERPROOF PROPERTY: 90°Wide angle PIR sensor plus wide angle lens ensure maximum coverage which greatly expands the monitoring and shooting scope of the object. The long detection distance can be up to 20meters/65ft. IP66 water resistant prevents this hunting game cam from spray water,such as rain, moist, and corrosion. can work as normal in tough environment which is extremely important for a outdoor scouting camera.
  • ★ ONE-YEAR PRODUCT WARRANTY : Gosira high value great quality trail cameras are perfect gift for your love,family,friend,or yourself. Unique Valentine day Gift. Gosira trail cam provides 1-year product warranty for buyers. If you have any questions or troubles,please come to me anytime. Your problems will be solved within 24 hours
starting from 48,88 $
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10. Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Essential E2 12MP Trail Camera, Tan*
  • Adjustable images per trigger
  • Takes 720p Video
  • 3, 8, or 12 MP resolution
  • 0.3 trigger speed
  • 80 ft. infrared flash range
starting from 147,54 $
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