With the help of wild-cameras, hunters, foresters and nature enthusiats can observe animals in their habitant.

Thanks to infrared technology, a wild camera detects a moving, living object in the field of view and even – like a thermal imaging camera – can take pictures of animals at night.

In the following, you will learn exactly what to look out for when setting up the device, and see the results of successful shots in the gallery.

Positioning and setting up the camera trap

With camera traps is the right place where the camera is attached and what is in the field of view of the device is paramount. Good places to attach are smaller trees as well as feeding places. Less suitable are shrubs and very small trees.

It is always important to ensure that the wild camera is protected from theft. The manufacturers usually integrate eyelets through which a bicycle lock or the like can be threaded through.

In the middle of the field of vision should be some food for attracting the animals. However, people should not stay too long in this area, as they provide a scent that often frightens many animals.

But one can run a couple of times in front of the camera to see if the settings are correct and the trigger works. This should, of course, be done in the dark, since only in this way can the contrasts be checked.

Feed lining as bait

An arbitrarily positioned wildlife camera trap will rarely get beautiful objects in front of the lens. However, hunters and foresters can position the camera at feeding points.

Animals such as roe deer are lured in the colder season by the artificial food offer and go into the field of view of the camera.



Camera traps at daytime

With integrated motion sensors and a digital camera for the visual spectrum, wonderful lighting can be achieved with sufficient illumination.

Unfortunately, many wild animals are nocturnal and rather shy during the day. Good times are in the morning and in the evening at dusk.

Pay attention to the orientation of the camera with respect to the course of the sun. Excessive sunshine can cause over-exposure. It is best to place it in the direction of propagation of the sun’s rays.

Sensitivity and object size

The sensitivity of good camera traps is usually high enough. Even small animals, such as birds, can be correctly identified with good adjustment.

Many devices allow a fine calibration of the detector. The sensitivity can then be increased so far that the smallest movements trigger a photograph. On the other hand, it must be avoided that the trigger is triggered incorrectly, otherwise the memory quickly fills with “empty” images.

Maintenance and transfer of the images


Depending on the design and the activity, of course, the batteries of the camera trap must be changed. A lifetime of a battery pack of a few months with a good adjustment of the camera are nothing unusual.

Expensive and modern cameras can send the images directly via MMS via GSM module. This requires a dedicated SIM card. Also, a slight reduced runtime due to the power consumption during transmission is to be expected. Most of the wildlife camera traps have a SD-slot. A transfer of the recordings can then be done either at home on the PC or even on the spot with a laptop. This must be done at regular intervals, as the SD card can fill quickly and it would be a shame if no new recordings are made due to lack of memory space.

Misuse for object monitoring

Wildlife camera traps can also be misused for monitoring buildings and land. They produce photos of human invaders at night as well as of animal creatures.

An advantage over conventional monitoring and thermal imaging cameras is that a recording is triggered in a targeted manner if a living being moves in front of the lens. Therefore, it is not necessary to scan video material of a video surveillance camera or a thermal imaging camera in case of suspicion. If the wild camera takes serial shots, several images are taken in a short period of time.

1. Campark Trail Camera-Waterproof 14MP 1080P Game Hunting Scouting Cam with 3 Infrared Sensors for Wildlife Monitoring with 120°Detecting Range Motion Activated Night Vision 2.4" LCD 42pcs IR LEDs*
  • ◀ 14MP Clearer Image + 1080P Sharper Video Resolution ▶ The trail camera captures 14 Mega Pixel crystal images and full HD 1080P videos,providing more high-quality details during daytime(black and white at night).You could easily see the vivid world of wildlife. (Memory card NOT included in the package)
  • ◀ Faster 0.3s Trigger Speed ▶ With 3 sensors, once detecting the movements,the hunting camera will be triggered instantly in 0.3s without delay.You will never miss any exciting moments even at night.The trigger distance is up to 20m(65ft). We don't recommend removing the protective foil or touching the sensor lenses on both sides as they may cause scratches (Scratches don't affect the detection effect).
  • ◀ Excellent Sensitivity and Night Vision with 3 PIR ▶ The trail camera will detect movements of wild animals as soon as they enter the detecting range.With 3 passive infrared sensors,the high-sensitive camera detect and record every breathtaking motion with lower power consumption.The 42 pcs upgraded infrared LEDs can let you catch any moment even at dark night.850nm invisible infrared technology support super clear night vision.
  • ◀ 120° Wide Angle Lens + Waterproof Sturdy Device ▶ The game camera is equipped with 120° detecting range,which allows you to get excellent broader view.It will record any animal movements you want with wide angle lens even in rainy days.
  • ◀ Best Gift & Extra Bonus ▶ UCDOG Store- Buy 1 Trail Camera get 50% discount on SD Card Reader: https://amzn.to/2SvL1AW. The hunting cam is easy to operate and mount.You could apply the device to hunting, home security, property surveillance, wildlife monitoring and scouting,farm security. Campark service team provides professional after-sale services with 30 days payment back and 12-month quality support.
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2. Victure Trail Game Camera with Night Vision Motion Activated 1080P 12MP Hunting Cameras with Low Glow and Upgraded Waterproof IP66 for Outdoor Wildlife Watching*
  • 【HIGH-DEFINITION RESOLUTION】 1080P full HD resolution and automatic day/night sensor ensure crisp, vivid images and videos that provide the realistic details you need for in-depth knowledge of game animals' behavior characteristics.
  • 【INCREDIBLY TRIGGER SENSITIVITY】 A trigger speed of 0.5 seconds with 3 continuous shots means you're less likely to miss capturing an image of wildlife that is quickly moving across the field of view.
  • 【INVISIBLE NIGHTTIME SCOUTING】 Victure game camera takes advanced low-glow infrared LED technology and superior motion-activated sensor to produce quality black and white nighttime vision without alerting game.
  • 【ENTRY-LEVEL AND USER FRIENDLY】 The easy-to-use 2.4" LCD screen with user-friendly navigation of image mode options, photo quality, video length, PIR interval, time lapse settings make it simple to customize your scouting specifications.
  • 【AFFORDABLE AND BEST CHOICE】 Lower price and higher performance make this trail camera a perfect scouting GIFT for hunting, garden wildlife watching, farm burglar, home security and property surveillance. Using lithium batteries or 6V external power supply will keep it working longer.
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3. TOGUARD Mini Trail Camera FHD 1080P 12MP Game Camera 2" LCD Screen Small Hunting Trap Camera with IR Night Vision 120° Wide Angle Waterproof Video Camera for Wildlife Monitoring and Home Observation*
  • 【Full HD 1080P Video & 12MP Photo】Built in full automatic IR filter, this trail camera captures 12 MP clear images and full HD 1080P video during day (color) and night (black and white), ensure every details will be captured. High resolution photos and videos will be showed.
  • 【Mini Deer Camera & 2 Inch Screen】Compared with other wildlife cameras, the game camera is much smaller in weight and appearance. And the screen is two inches long, providing a new vision experience and showing you a different world of wildlife.
  • 【Fast 0.5s Trigger Speed & 20M Night Vision】Impressive fast 0.5s trigger speed allows each detected movement captured quickly and accurately, and the motion detection sensor will not miss any movement. Full automatic IR filter will emit light that is far too slight to scare animal away. Make up to 20meters detection capturing range, let you catch any breath-breaking moments even at dark night.
  • 【4pcs batteries & Low Power Consumption】 This new hunting trail camera just need four pieces of batteries, which reduce its weight for you to go outdoor with holding it. And it can extend its use of time for its extremely low power consumption in standby operation.
  • 【Easy to Operate & Installation & Reliable Service】The default settings are already set with ideal settings for the most wildlife applications. And it is very easy to install with the gifted mounting strap or mounting plate. Also, if you have any problem about this produt, please feel free to contact us. Our professional after-sale service will reply questions within 24 hours.
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4. Victure Trail Game Camera 20MP with Night Vision Motion Activated Waterproof and 130° Detection Hunting Camera Trap 1080P IP66 for Outdoor Wildlife Monitoring*
  • 【Full HD Resolution & 130° Detection Angle】 20MP and 1080P high resolution can provide you with images and audible videos in unparalleled clarity. Unique fish eye lens and 130° wide-angle sensors enable you to shoot and savor the full-frame field views of the wildlife.(TF Card included.)
  • 【Upgraded Night Vision & Great IR Tech.】 Equipped with 850nm advanced infrared LED lights, this game camera can capture crisp black and white nighttime images quietly and longer and wider visibility range in the dark, yet won't spook the night behaviour of wildlife.
  • 【IP66 Waterproof & Faster Trigger Speed】 Benefited from a waterproof rubber ring and weatherproof plastic case, this hunting camera performs well even in the rainy season. With 3 sensitive sensors, it will be triggered swiftly and precisely in 0.4s without delay.
  • 【Multifunctional Modes & Easy to Operate】 The easy-to-use 2.4" LCD screen, comfortable keys, various mounting methods with multiple functions of 3 continuous shots, time-lapse, adjustable PIR sensitivity avails to provide you with a better using experience.
  • 【Awesome Gift Ideas & Friendly Support Service】 Victure trail camera with night vision motion activated waterproof feature is also the best gift for Christmas/ New Year. We guarantee 12-month quality support, professional and timely after-sales service.
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5. Campark Trail Camera-WiFi 20MP 1296P Hunting Game Camera with Night Vision Motion Activated for Outdoor Wildlife Monitoring Waterproof IP66*
  • 🎁 ◀ WIFI Connection + APP Remote Control ▶It built-in WIFI function in this game camera. Download the APP in your mobile phone and then connect with WIFI. You can adjust setting and check the photo /video on the phone directly. T80 trail camera is Not a webcam, remote control has range limits.
  • 🎁 ◀ 20MP Clearer Image + 1296P Video Resolution ▶Campark T80 Game camera captures 20MP crystal clear images and 1296P video with super clear sound recording each time motion is detected of wild game.
  • 🎁 ◀ 65FT Triggering Distance ▶IR flash 36pc 850nm infrared LEDs range 65FT(20m),this game camera produces the detailed black and white night vision images and captures the moments of wildlife so that you will never miss a shot.
  • 🎁 ◀ IP66 Waterproof & Sturdy ▶ With IP66 waterproof, sturdy case protects your hunting camera from rain and dust damage. And it also could work in tough environments like desert or tropical rain forest. It contains a threaded tripod and mounting strap, it's easy to install this trail camera wherever the wildlife camera is headed.
  • 🎁 ◀ Best Gift & Various Functions ▶ Best gift for Black Friday/Cyber Monday /Christmas, Buy 1 Trail Camera get 50% discount on SD Card Reader: https://amzn.to/2SvL1AW. This outdoor game camera features time stamp including Date/Moon Phase/Temperature, Timer, Realtime Replay, Hybrid Mode, bringing this camera to multiple applications beyond your expectation.(Note: SD card and batteries are not included)
starting from 99,97 $
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6. Usogood Trail Game Camera with 32GB Memory Card 20MP 1080P Night Vision Hunting Camera Motion Activated IP66 Waterproof 2.4" LCD for Outdoor Wildlife, Garden, Animal Scouting and Security Surveillance*
  • TRAIL CAMERA WITH 32GB MEMORY CARD: We prepared a 32GB micro sd card for this game camera. Recordings can be replayed in the 2.4 inch LCD screen.
  • GAME CAMERA 20MP 1080P: Usogood TC30 trail cam produces 20MP quality photos and 1080P full HD videos, it brings you a vivid wildlife world.
  • NIGHT CAMERA WITH 120°WIDE ANGLE: This trail camera is equipped with 44 pcs infrared LEDs which automatically turn on at nigh. What's more, 120-degree wide angle lens can offer huge shooting scope so that you will never miss any corner.
  • GARDEN CAMERA FOR MUTIPLE APPLICATION: In addition to wildlife monitoring, this scouting camera can be worked as a surveillance camera to record moving objects, or even monitor the security of home, fields and property.
  • WILDLIFE CAMERA IP66 WATERPROOF: The protective case can defend from rain and dust. Once detecting the movements, the wildlife camera will be triggered instantly within 0.2s.
starting from 59,99 $
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7. Victure Trail Game Camera 20MP 1080P Full HD with Night Vision Motion Activated Waterproof IP66 Wildlife Trap Camera No Glow Infrared with for Hunting and Wildlife Watching*
  • 【Ultra-high Resolution】 1080P HD and 20MP ultra-high resolution deliver stunning vibrant images and clear audible videos. With 3 shooting modes and automatic day/night sensor, it moves you closer to watch and savor the best scenes of the wildlife.
  • 【Market-Leading Waterproof Performance】 No more lens moisture issues with the innovative clamshell design and unique bottom-opening battery-case. This weather-resistant trail camera performs well even in the rainy season. The best choice of gifts idea for him.
  • 【Advanced No-glow Technique】With 38 pcs no-glow LEDs, this game camera produces the detailed black and white night vision images and captures the moments of wildlife silently so that you will never miss a shot.
  • 【Notable Detecting Sensitivity】 The combination of 0.3 seconds fast trigger speed, 3 continuous shots, and the adjustable motion-activated sensor avails to capture more exciting moments. This trail camera with night vision motion activated waterproof features is created for the fast-paced action and highlight of scenes.
  • 【Intuitive Setup and Use】 Pairs with the user-friendly glowing keypad, all positioned on the front operation side, this hunting camera will be an 'All-Rounder' for everyone to enjoy, even at night. It excels whenever and wherever you need it, such as wildlife watching, farm surveillance, and more!
starting from 59,99 $
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8. Liplasting Trail Game Camera 16MP 1080P Waterproof Scouting Hunting Trap Cameras with No Glow Night Vision Up to 100ft 0.3s Trigger Time Motion Activated for Wildlife Monitoring and Home Security*
  • 💓【16MP Clear Image & 1080P HD Video】This trail camera lens, which is made of 6G glasses, is temperature resistant and non-deformable, better light transmission. So you can get more excellent 16MP crystal images and Full HD 1080P videos during the day (colorful) and night (black and white). (Memory card is NOT included in the package)
  • 🎁【Faster 0.3s Trigger Speed & Longer Trigger Distance】In 60°detected motion angle, 0.3s trigger speed is activated properly to easily catch the every wonderful exciting moments. And night view trigger distance of hunting trail camera is up to 100FT(30m), equipped with 38 IR 940nm infrared No Glow LEDs can catch any moment without disturbing the animals.
  • 💓【IP65 Waterproof & Easy to install】Liplasting trail camera is not only with IP65 waterproof house, but also with rubber ring design, so it can be closed up without any seam. It's easy to install with mounting strap or threaded tripod. This hunting trap camera is available for various outdoor environment for hunting, security surveillance or wildlife observation.
  • 💓【Multiple Applications & Reliable Customer Service】The trail game camera is applied to different indoor/ outdoor activities, like home security, property surveillance, wildlife monitoring, trail hunting, scouting or farm security etc. Liplasting promise 30-day money back and 12-months return provides quick after-sale services within 24 hours.
  • 🎁【Charging Protection & Overvoltage Protection】This trail game camera is with safety charging mode and battery overvoltage protection. When it is charging(supports solar panel charging), as long as the battery is fully charged, the charging will be automatically stopped to protect battery. When the DC input voltage is over 7.5V, the power will be automatically off to provent the camera from being burned out. Such safety desgin can protect your hunting trap camera and ensure its battery use life
starting from 129,99 $
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9. [New Version] Usogood Trail Game Camera 20MP 1080P No Glow Night Vision Hunting Camera Motion Activated IP66 Waterproof 2.4" LCD for Outdoor Wildlife, Garden, Animal Scouting and Security Surveillance*
  • Advanced image & video resolution: The trail camera takes 20MP crystal images during daytime (black and white at night), Full HD 1920X1080P at 30 fps video with clear sound.
  • Night Vision with NO Flash: This game camera is equipped with 44 pcs 940nm invisible infrared LEDs to make sure there will be totally no glow when working at darkness. The scouting camera will detect movements of creatures once they enter the detecting range and start to record.
  • New Design and Built in 2.4" LCD Screen: The LCD screen of the hunting camera allows you to preview in the wild. You can also manually take and preview photos and videos in setup mode.
  • IP66 Waterproof: Usogood garden camera is often used for wild life. With a 60mm thick waterproof housing, it naturally fits all the feature to be a wildlife monitor or catcher in the forest. What's more, it also can be widely used in detecting, security, observation and surveillance.
  • 0.2S Trigger Speed and Long Battery Life: Once detecting the movements, the wildlife camera will be triggered instantly within 0.2s. Extremely low consumption. Powered by 8 AA batteries (not included), the standby time is up to 6 months.
starting from 59,99 $
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10. Trail Camera 16MP 1080P Waterproof Wildlife Scouting Camera Hunting Camera with 120° Wide Angle Detection Night Vision Up to 65ft 2.4'' LCD 42 IR LEDs 0.2s Trigger Time*
  • 【16MP High Clearer Image & 1080P Sharper Video Resolution】: Fitted with a 16MP camera, our trail camera is uniquely designed to capture crystal clear images in 1080P 30fps and FHD video. With this wildlife scouting camera, you can be sure you'll not miss any detail on your next wildlife expedition. The best part is that it produces top notch quality details during daytime (black and white at night).
  • 【Perfect Detection Range & Fast Trigger Speed】: Featuring upgraded infrared LEDs with bright flash, you can use this camera to capture your favorite wildlife expedition anywhere, anytime. More so, it's 120°wide detection angle PIR sensor and the 20m/65ft trigger distance is designed to ensure users get the best coverage range and detection scope. Its impressive 0.2 seconds detection speed, means you can documents events in real time without missing a single shot.
  • 【IP66 Waterproof & Reliable】: Our wildlife camera is designed to withstand dust and other unfavorable conditions, this is all thanks to its sturdy design, impeccable mechanics and multi-facetted waterproof design. This makes it perfect for capturing images and videos in harsh environments.
  • 【Very Easy to Use & Multiple Applications】: It's stylish and simple design coupled with its 2.4 inch LCD color built-in screen as well as a standard SD card slot( up to 32GB), makes this hunting cam perfect for people looking for something unique and sophisticated. Amazingly, it is easy to use and setup and can be mounted to a tree using its specially designed tree strap.
  • 【Variety of Uses】: From capturing wildlife exhibition to recording unforgettable moments to capturing your farm and more, this trail hunting camera ensures you'll never miss out on any detail. It has proven to be a very useful assistant to track and hunt animals. It is also perfect for home security as you can use it to monitor your property.
starting from 69,99 $
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