When is it worth renting a thermal imaging camera?

Rent instead of buy? Thermal imaging cameras can be expensive, and many consider whether it is useful or not to simply rent the device for the required project / investigation.

The most important question you should ask to decide between buying or renting is how often you will use the device.

If it is unclear or possible you use the thermal imaging camera more frequently, renting (often more than 100 euros / day) can become very expensive and you have literally “nothing in your hand” afterwards. If one had bought a cheap thermal camera, one could sell these – of course with some loss of value – or lend to others again.

mieten coins photoIf you repair damage to a building, e.g. mold on a wall, you have to consider that the damage will return and the first examination with the thermal imaging camera may not be the last one. Often, especially beginners realize how useful the “look into the invisible” can be and then want to acquire their own thermal imaging camera for various projects.

On the other hand, the renting of a thermal imaging camera offers a possibility for beginners and prospective customers to get a feel for thermography and perhaps only later on to think about investing in an expensive thermal imaging camera.

For orientation, rentung a thermal imager can be useful in the following application examples:

  • Short research or school project with clear questions
  • Try to determine whether a specific issue can be sensibly investigated with a thermal imaging camera at all, or which performance (for example, resolution) is sufficient
  • Suspicion of structural damage
  • usw.


What to consider when renting

First, find a trustworthy provider. He should address all your questions in detail and advise you with his offer for your questions. This service should be taken for granted at the price level for renting these devices.

Ask if the thermal imaging camera is regularly calibrated and when this was done the last time. You should also be aware of the performance data (esp. resolution) of the thermal imaging camera beforehand and they should fit the device to your needs and knowledge.

If the lender wants to score how expensive the thermal imager is to buy, remember that you would have to replace this value if you would irreparably damage the device when renting.

Also ask if the device is delivered, or if you need to pick it up and return it.

Make sure explicitly that there are no additional costs to the agreed rental price. Usually, a daily price is around 100 dollar depending on the model and offer. If you rent the camera longer, you can usually expect a discount.