FLIR is the world’s largest manufacturer of thermal imaging cameras and thermal sensors. The name stands for “forward-looking infrared imaging systems”.

The company was founded in the USA in 1978 and has been manufacturing civil and military cameras for thermal imaging cameras.

Six different business areas for products are covered by FLIR, including: surveillance, military, industrial, research and development and testing and verification.


The brand “FLIR” is known by many for quality and performance. The products are priced in the premium range, but enjoy a lot of trust through the established market position.

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1. FLIR C2 Compact Thermal Imaging System*
  • PORTABILITY - Pocket portable thermal camera with MSX-enhanced thermal images providing stunning detail to help you identify problem areas easier
  • IMAGE CAPTURE - Up to 500 radiometric images. 4800 pixels capable of capturing thermal measurements from 14°F to 302°F. Spectral Range : 7.5-14 µm
  • Accuracy: ±2°C (±3.6°F) or 2%, whichever is greater, at 25°C (77°F) nominal
  • INCLUDES - Infrared camera, lanyard, power supply/charger, USB cable, printed documentation
  • SOFTWARE - FLIR Tools professional reporting software included - the industry standard in thermal image post analysis.Storage Temperature Range:-40°C to +70°C (-40 to 158°F)
starting from 499,99 $
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2. FLIR ONE Pro Thermal Imaging Camera for iOS*
  • POWERFUL - Infrared camera mobile accessary with adjustable OneFit Connector lets you find hidden electrical problems, energy loss, water damage, and other heat-related issues
  • FREE FLIR ONE mobile app (recently updated) with exclusive content, real-time professional tips and tricks, multiple spot meters, and easy automated reporting to document your findings -USER REGISTRATION NOT REQUIRED
  • TEMPERATURE RANGE: -4 Degree F and 752 Degree F (-20 Degree to 400 Degree C). Measure temperature accurately and from a safe distance
  • IMAGE ENHANCEMENT - MSX and VividIR enhanced image processing and video capabilities give you the sharpest mobile thermal imaging performance
  • This product is for commercial purposes only and is export controlled under US regulations for non-US military end-users and military end-uses. Battery life- Approximately 1 hour. Battery charge time- 40min
starting from 299,95 $
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3. FLIR Scout TK Pocket-Sized Thermal Monocular*
  • FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera. Waterproof rating: IP 67 and submersible
  • Find wildlife, stay safe in the dark.Minimum Focus Distance:6 inches. Field of View 20x16°
  • Starts up in seconds, no training required
  • Use for personal home security at night
  • Range performance - Detect Man: (1.8 m × 0.5 m) 100 yards
starting from 549,95 $
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4. FLIR TG165 Spot Thermal Camera*
  • Item is a Class II laser product, 1mW power output. Minimum focus distance- 4 inch . Focus free. Object temperature range-: -25 to +380°C (-13 to +716°F). Minimum measurement distance-10 inch
  • Featuring FLIR's Innovative Lepton IR Imaging Engine, with 80x60 resolution, 150mK sensitivity, and a 9hz refresh rate
  • Intuitive to operate with no special training required, and featuring a safe 24:1 spot size ratio for safer distance measuring
  • Easily save images and data to the included 8gb micro sd card for documentation
  • Download images fast over USB with included cable or from removable micro SD
  • Compact and durable to easily stow in a crowded tool bag, and covered by 2 Years Product, and 10 Years Thermal Imaging Detector
starting from 379,99 $
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5. FLIR ONE Thermal Imaging Camera for Android USB-C (Gen 3 )*
  • Powerful thermal imaging camera gives you the power to see in total darkness, find problems around the house, and explore your world in a whole new way
  • FLIR ONE app - NEW - NO USER REGISTRATION REQUIRED - is free and features exclusive content, real-time tips and tricks, and easy sharing of thermal images and videos on social media
  • FLIR ONE allows you to see and measure temperature differences accurately and from a safe distance
  • Exclusive MSX technology blends thermal and visible spectrum for more detail and enhanced resolution because two cameras are better than one
  • This product is for commercial purposes only and is export controlled under US regulations for non-US military end-users and military end-uses
  • Compatible with Android phones with a USB-C port. The FLIR ONE PRO LT Micro USB model is recommended for Android phones with a Micro USB port.
starting from 199,99 $
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7. Seek Thermal Compact Imager for iOS-Apple*
  • Seek Compact is a highly portable, versatile and durable thermal imaging camera that plugs directly into your smartphone. This device translates thermal energy (infrared light) into a visible image on your phone.
  • Compact's wide, 36 degree field of view is ideal for use both indoors and close-range outdoors, allowing you to detect thermal energy up to 1000 feet away.
  • With a detectable temperature range of -40 to 626 degrees Fahrenheit, pinpointing energy loss, spotting missing insulation, and identifying overheated circuitry are just a few of its thousands of use cases.
  • Compact's focusable lens allows users to fine-tune their thermal imagery. It also comes with a pocket-sized, waterproof carrying case.
  • Seek Compact is perfect for contractors, professional trades, inspectors, structural auditors and DIY homeowners; Focus: Focus- Fixed Focus
  • 206 x 156 Thermal Sensor ;1,000 ft. Viewable Distance
starting from 199,00 $
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8. FLIR Ocean Scout TK Monocular, Dark Gray*
  • Compact handheld thermal imager
  • See vessels and objects in the water over 100 yards away
  • Grab and go simplicity
  • Records video and still images to share with others
starting from 599,00 $
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9. FLIR E5: Compact Thermal Imaging Camera with 120 x 90 IR Resolution, MSX and Wi-Fi*
  • CRISP Resolution-120x90 IR Pixels, Measurement modes include Center Spot and Area Box
  • RUGGED AND USER FRIENDLY- Intuitive on-screen menus & Ergonomic on-camera buttons allow for one-handed operation
  • IMAGE CAPTURE- Store Thermal, Visual and MSX enhanced images with each pull of the trigger. Radiometric JPEGs retain all temperature data
  • PICTURE IN PICTURE- Overlays a fixed section of a thermal image onto a digital photo to clarify problem locations and enhance documentation
  • RECHARGEABLE- Quick-release Li-ion battery
  • PRECISE MEASUREMENTS- Range from -4° F to 482° F (-20° C to 250° C) with 2% or 2° C Accuracy
starting from 1.199,00 $
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10. FLIR 320 Ocean Scout Night Vision Camera, Dark Gray*
  • Ocean Scout is a rugged compact thermal night vision camera that lets you see other vessels landmarks buoys and floating debris in total darkness
  • Now with a high resolution LCD display and FLIR's industry leading thermal sensor technology Ocean Scout makes your time on the water safter and more relaxing
  • 320 x240 detector resolution can detect a man sized target at 1800 feet and a vessel at 5085 feet battery life is five hours Ocean Scout 320 has video output through USB to analog adaptor included
starting from 2.183,89 $
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