CEM DT-980










Value / Price



  • High resolution for beginners
  • Cheap
  • Wide temperature range
  • Good display
  • 8 GB memory included


  • No Image Combining

A cost-effective and very powerful thermal imaging camera for beginners?

With the CEM DT-980 thermal imaging camera*, the Chinese manufacturer makes thermography even more affordable and offers a versatile thermal imaging camera.

We shine a light the model and present the advantages and weaknesse of this thermal imaging camera in the following.

The CEM DT-980 thermal imaging camera


This thermal imaging camera surprises with its good technical performance for the price class below 1000 dollar. Remarkable are the relatively good resolution, the temperature range and the integrated 5 MP digital camera.

Other highlights include the HDMI video output and the included 8GB Micro SD card. The display of the minimum and maximum values of the temperature in the thermal image is also nice. A “spot measurement” can also be performed. The menu seems clearly structured on the 2.8 inch TFT and is easy to operate using the four arrow keys. It can be switched between the temperature range -20 ° C to 150 ° C (-4° F to and 302° F) and 0 ° C to 350 ° C (32° F to 662° F).

Technical details

The entire measuring range of the CEM DT-980 ranges from -20 to 350 ° C (-4° F to and 662° F) with an accuracy of ± 2 ° C or ± 2% of the measured value and a sensitivity of <100 mK. The sensor resolution is 80 x 80 pixel with a field of view of 17 x 17 °, which is a good value for the price class.


The thermal image can be displayed rainbow, iron, gray and gray color palettes. Although there is a possibility to show the thermal image in the optical image, the thermal image camera unfortunately does not have a real “image-combining” feature.

JPEG and MPEG-4 videos are available as formats for the images. The emissivity factor can be calibrated from 0.01 to 1.0. The battery charging time for normal use is indicated by the manufacturer with> 4 hrs. Please note that the minimum focus distance is 0.5 meters (1.6 foot).

Application areas

This thermal imaging camera is suitable, for example, for mechanics when inspecting loaded parts. Electrical circuits can also be checked for invisible defects and an investment can pay off for electricians.

In building diagnostics, the CEM DT-980 can also be consulted for simple investigations. Above all, home improvement and building enthusiasts are addressed. However, it is not recommended for expert documentation, despite extensive functions.

Delivery contents

The manufacturer did not save on the delivery and gave some things with:

  • Thermal imaging camera CEM DT-980
  • Headphones
  • Battery pack
  • Software
  • Hand strap
  • Power supply
  • 8GB micro SD card
  • USB cable
  • HDMI cable
  • Bag

Conclusion – CEM DT-980

With CEM DT-980 the thermography enthusiast can make a real bargain.

For a little money you get a great thermal imaging camera if you are ready to live without a well-known brand manufacturer.