Value / Price



  • Very simple operation
  • Good value
  • MSX®-Function (Multi Spectral Dynamic Imaging)
  • Robust


  • Low sensor resolution
  • Somewhat low precision

The thermal imaging camera FLIR E4* is a popular entry-level model of FLIR Ex-series.

The manufacturer FLIR is known for quality and performance and the FLIR E4 is no exception.

We present the thermal imaging camera in more detail in the following, show possible application areas, strengths and weaknesses of the FLIR E4.

The FLIR E4 IR camera

FLIR E4 Wärmebildkamera

The FLIR E4 is – as usual from FLIR – very well manufactured and gives the impression that it is a thought-out and high-quality device.

The entry-level model is easy to use – not only because of the limited range of functions, which is more than sufficient for many applications.

As a relatively inexpensive camera, it even provides the possibility to superimpose visible image and thermal image, and thus can significantly speed up many investigations.

Technical specifications

With an IR sensor (80 x 60 pixel) and a basic accuracy of ± 2%, the device certainly does not belong to the very top. Thanks to the integrated digital camera, however, the thermal images can be superimposed with the visual spectrum, thus enhancing the overall image.

Other models from the FLIR-Ex series (E5 / 6/8) offer higher sensor resolution and more additional functions (eg color alarm, picture-in-picture display, etc.).


The measuring range is -20 to 250 ° C (-4° F to 482° F), the FOV (Field of View) 45 ° x 34 °. The 3-inch color LCD displays the thermal images with an image frequency of 9 Hz. The emissivity level is adjustable from 0.01 to 1.0.

A digital camera for the visible spectrum is integrated and a “MSX® Thermal Image Enhancement” display mode, where thermal image and visual image are superimposed, is possible to activate. The FLIR E5 also provides a picture-in-picture display.

Three different color palettes (iron, rainbow and black / white) are available for the thermal image.


In plant engineering, the FLIR E4 can be used excellently for many investigations. Due to the image-combining (MSX), the search for errors is accelerated, since outlines of the measured objects can be easily recognized.

It is also equipped for simple investigations on buildings such as the detection of leaks, moisture and insulation damage.

For professional use in building diagnostics, where a accountable report has to be produced, thermal imaging cameras with higher resolution are preferable.

Delivery contents

  • FLIR E4 thermal imaging camera
  • Transport case
  • Replacement battery, charger
  • USB cable
  • Software and instructions

Conclusion – FLIR E4

The FLIR E4 features solid processing and easy operation. Beginners can get started quickly – at a relatively low price.

Thus it can be an investment that is also worthwhile for private individuals. The only downer is the low sensor resolution, but thermal imaging can be enhanced with the integrated digital camera.

Conclusion: A starter model for simple applications in the usual FLIR brand quality and performance.