FLIR One - Thermal imaging camera case













  • Can be used as a protective case
  • Cheap
  • Small dimensions
  • Image-Combining


  • Narrow temperature range
  • Low resolution
  • Frequent re-calibration

The extraordinary FLIR ONE* acts as a thermal imaging camera and protective case for the iPhone at the same time.

We present the product in more detail and show the weaknesses and strengths of the device.

We will also look more closely at applications where the device is already successfully used.

FLIR One protective case

flir one schutzhülle iphone 5 5s

The ingenious and unique thermal imaging camera for the iPhone 5 – as a protective cover – has a Li-Ion battery and can even make close-ups with a suitable app.

It is priced very low, but still provides a reasonable performance as a thermal camera and should not be dismissed as a “toy”.

Technical specifications

The resolution of the FLIR Lepton ™ thermal imager is only 80 x 60 pixels, but can improve the thermal image with an integrated VGA digital camera.

The manufacturer FLIR says that an equivalent resolution of 160×120 pixels can be achieved. The thermal imaging camera cover can convince with the very low weight of 110 g and the compact dimensions (BxLxH 61x140x22 mm), so it fits in any trouser pocket – ideal for on the go. Video recording and temperature spot measurements with the FLIR One are possible.


Unfortunately, the detectable temperature range of the thermal imaging camera protective sheath is limited to 0 ° C to 100 ° C (32° F to  212° F) and thus also the possible application ranges. Interestingly, the FLIR One can also charge the iPhone via its own battery (increase of the iPhone runtime by up to 50%).

Important to know is definitely that the device is compatible only with the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S. The FLIR One has 5 adjustable color palettes and can record thermal images up to a distance of 1 m. With the fitting app for the iPhone you can use the FLIR One Thermal Camera to take panorama shots, macro shots, time-lapse movies, and much more.

Areas of application

Of course, this inexpensive thermal imaging camera is not suitable for technical appraisals.

However, users who use the thermal imaging camera for hunting and animal watching report that the device works at night to a distance of 10-20 meters.

It is also suitable for the home improvement and homeowner who wants to detect cold bridges in the home or leaks in heating systems. Even simple electronic circuits can be tested for hot spots and heat conduction performance.

Delivery contents:

  • FLIR One thermal imaging camera
  • USB charger cable
  • Requires iPhone 5 or 5s with iOS 7 or later

Conclusion – FLIR One Thermal Camera protetive case for iPhone 5 / 5S

The FLIR One Thermal Imaging protective case for iPhone 5 / 5S offers the best entry into thermography and can even superimpose visible spectrum and thermal image.

**UPDATE 23.02.2016**

The protective cover is largely no longer available and has been replaced by the plug-in module.