Seek Thermal RevealPRO










Value / Price



  • Inexpensive IR resolution
  • Compact and handy
  • Robust and resistant
  • Integrated powerful luminaire
  • Battery


  • No video
  • No Image Combining
  • Absolute Calibration

With the RevealPRO FF, Seek Thermal is setting new records for performance in its price class for thermal imaging cameras.

The RevealPRO FF is the professional version of the predecessor model “Reveal” and is characterized in particular by a higher resolution and functional scope.

We have thoroughly tested the device in terms of operation, functionality, quality and scope of delivery. Learn more about possible applications, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of this stand-alone thermal imaging camera.


The Seek Thermal RevealPRO FF – Test

First use, packaging and first impression

In our test of the Reveal in the standard version, the device has already made a positive impression. The concept of a stand-alone thermal imaging camera from Seek has pleased us – the manufacturer has so far offered only modules for smartphones.

The Seek RevealPRO FF has been available since the middle of 2016 and combines many features of the CompactPRO and the “Reveal Standard”. The performance of the IR module is very similar to that of the CompactPRO and the housing as well as the user interface have been adopted and improved by the Reveal.

In turn the manufacturer ask for an extra charge but offers a great device for anyone who wants to purchase a decent thermal imaging camera. This is another step of Seek to attack the competition not only with higher resolutions but also in terms of quality and functionality. We welcome this course as a user and are amazed at how quickly the devices in the lower price category are now improving.

The thermal imaging camera is being developed in California, USA and is aimed at beginners in the world of thermography. As far as the operation is concerned, the device is kept simple, but offers enough setting possibilities to satisfy even more advanced users.

The RevealPRO FF has certainly been developed for outdoor use and generally harsh working environments. When unpacking you get the impression that the device is very sturdy and sensitive parts are protected with protruding gumming. Also the integrated super-bright LED which operates independently of the infrared camera is again on board.

The device is well protected from falls thanks to the rubber coating. It can be worn even in trouser pockets thanks to the appropriate dimensions, or with the included wrist strap on the arm. A corresponding eyelet can be found on the lower side of the thermal imaging camera.

Pictures and practice application

User Interface

The device is relatively easy to use. Above the display there are three buttons and on the right hand side in the front one for turning on the flashlight. To switch the camera on, keep the middle button pressed, same goes for switching it off. After a few seconds you can see the first infrared image.

When navigating the menus, use the left and right button to change the values ​​or the selection, and the middle button to confirm.

The display of the infrared image is updated continuously. If you want to save an image, simply press the right button and a short white frame confirms the process. Via the middle button one reaches the function menu and from there also the gallery of the stored pictures.

When using, the RevealPRO must be held at a certain angle. In contrast to “gun” devices, the user looks like with a mobile phone downwards which can be off-putting for some. Surely there are also applications where this “angled” representation is even convenient.

Picture quality and LED

Compared to the predecessor, a clear step forward in terms of image quality is to be attested. Non-stop guessing what the individual pixels could mean comes with the RevealPRO finally to an end.

To calibrate the measured values, the thermal imager performs a self-calibration every few seconds, which is noticeable by a soft clicking sound. In addition, as in all thermal imaging cameras, there is a compensation for the ambient temperature. Unfortunately, there were strong deviations and fluctuations in the absolute measured values of the object temperature during the test. The deviations also correlated with the operating time of the device. There is certainly a need for improvement …

More pictures:

Battery, power consumption and charging

Thanks to a generous battery capacitance, the thermal imaging camera will last several hours of continuous operation. Via a USB connection and the supplied connection cable it can be charged on the PC or a USB socket.


Check out our short test video to get a better impression of the device:

Setting options

The RevealPRO* has significantly more functions for configuring the device compared to the previous model.

The crosshair can be deactivated. We found the design a bit annoying and would have liked a slimmer version again. Interesting is surely the digital zoom which is adjustable in 0.1 steps from 1 x to 4 x.

A clear pro is the freely configurable temperature scale. The user can now freely select not only the upper and lower end, but also the center can be individually moved. In the same move, the “Full-Frame” display mode was adopted by CompactPRO. This mode maximizes the sensitivity of the depicted infrared data. This is helpful with particularly nuanced temperature differences.

The emission coefficient can be adjusted coarsely by presets from 0.3 to 0.97 in four levels and can be freely configured in 0.01 steps via a sub-menu.

As a unit of measured temperatures one can choose not only between Celsius and Fahrenheit, but also the numbers in Kelvin.


Even the integrated LED flashlight is configurable. It has two operating points, each of which can be assigned to a freely adjustable intensity. Further options for saving power are the adjustable background lighting intensity and the duration of the time for the automatic shutdown of the thermal camera in case of inactivity.

The menu texts are available in 10 different languages ​​and the date and time format can also be adjusted. If you want to reset the device to factory settings, you can do this in a sub-menu.

The manufacturer also offers to register the device in order to benefit from updates and support.

More pictures of the available options:

Of course you can choose between many different representations of the infrared data supplied by the sensor:

Plenty of color palettes

The different color palettes all have their own strengths and weaknesses in different areas of application. You can choose from:

  • „Spectra“
  • „Prism“
  • „Iron“
  • „Tyrian“
  • „White“
  • „Black“
  • „Amber“
  • „HI“
  • „HI-LO“




















“White” and “Black” are suitable for use as a night vision device. The palettes “HI” and “HI-LO” are great for detecting irregularities in the technical field or for monitoring terrain.

“Prims” makes small temperature differences clearly visible and “Spectra” is probably to be described as an all-rounder.

Missing image-combining and video recording

Although Seek Thermal shows clear innovations with the sensor resolution in the low price class, there is still no device with image-combining.

Likewise, we missed a video recording function – at the refresh rate of 15 Hz this really would have been nice.

If these two things had been on board, one would certainly have been able to speak of a milestone in thermography. Nonetheless, the RevealPRO has a very good technical performance:

Technical specifications

The RevealPRO can score points for the technical details. The most important are certainly the sensor resolution of 320 x 240 pixels as well as the measuring range from -40 ° C to 330 ° C (-40 °F to 626 °F). The refresh rate is 15 Hz at 32 ° FOV (fixed focus).

On the outside, the device measures 60 x 30 x 127 mm (W x L x H) with a weight of only 177 grams. The integrated Li-Ion battery not only supplies the 6 cm LCD (4 h operation) but also the integrated 300 lumen LED with power.

The emissivity is adjustable from 0.3 to 0.97, plus, according to the data sheet, a thermal sensitivity of praiseworthy 75 mK. A digital zoom is possible up to 4 x. Additionally, 2 GB of built-in flash memory are integrated.

Application areas

In the review we inspected a heating installation and were positively surprised by the performance of RevealPRO. For craftsmen in this area, the thermal imaging camera is a super high-tech tool because it is robust, thermographically well-suited for the application area and even has a practical flashlight integrated. The thermal measuring range is sufficient for most problems.

Another area of ​​application is certainly game hunting and surveillance. Advantages compared to the cheaper CompactPRO is the handyness of the stand-alone device and again the integrated flashlight. With the right color palette, you can find animals in the thicket quickly or recognize intruders from a distance. Compared to its predecessor, the much higher resolution is also beneficial here. The manufacturer specifies a “detection distance” of 550 meters (1804 feet).

The RevealPRO can also be used for the examination of electrical circuits. The same applies for machine engineering. However, when it comes to inspection of small components, the XR version with its adjustable focus has done better.

For home inspections the RevealPRO is ideally suited thanks to the wide field of view and the increased resolution. Windows and doors can be checked nicely for weak spots which make this thermal imaging camera really an all-round device. If you are in dark rooms you can activate the flashlight which does not alter the infrared image of course.

Other possible fields of application are plumbing as well as air-conditioning.

Delivery contents:

  • Seek Thermal RevealPRO infrared camera
  • Wrist strap
  • USB cable for data transfer and charging
  • Welcome Guide

Conclusion – Seek thermal thermal imaging camera “RevealPRO FF”

The RevealPRO FF has done well in the review and the manufacturer Seek Thermal has really worked hard for improvements.

There were also positive points for the extended range of functions and for the convincing sensor resolution.

Unfortunately, as with the “Reveal Standard” image-combining and video recordings are missing.

The price / performance ratio is nevertheless good and we can therefore confidently give a purchase recommendation.