Thermal Imaging Camera

Comparison of the best thermal imaging cameras of 2018! Detailed test reports and professional knowledge.

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Emissivity Coefficient – Meaning

Emissivity coefficient for thermal imaging cameras

The correct setting of the emissivity coefficient in a thermal imaging camera is essential in order to measure the correct temperature.

It must be done manually and match the test object. It can be fine-tuned for most models between 0 and 1.
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Infrared Thermometer

Infrared thermometer | Bestseller 2018

Infrared thermometers are much cheaper than thermal imaging cameras and the product range is huge.

We have listed the most popular models of the year 20186 here. The bestsellers are often characterized by an excellent price / performance ratio and a high level of customer satisfaction.
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CEM DT-980 – Thermal imaging camera | Detailed presentation

A cost-effective and very powerful thermal imaging camera for beginners?

With the CEM DT-980 thermal imaging camera*, the Chinese manufacturer makes thermography even more affordable and offers a versatile thermal imaging camera.

We shine a light the model and present the advantages and weaknesse of this thermal imaging camera in the following.
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FLIR One – Thermal imaging camera protection case for iPhone 5 / 5S

The extraordinary FLIR ONE* acts as a thermal imaging camera and protective case for the iPhone at the same time.

We present the product in more detail and show the weaknesses and strengths of the device.

We will also look more closely at applications where the device is already successfully used.
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