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Comparison of the best thermal imaging cameras of 2018! Detailed test reports and professional knowledge.

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Seek Thermal RevealPRO FF Thermal Imaging Camera – In-Depth Review (+ Photos)

With the RevealPRO FF, Seek Thermal is setting new records for performance in its price class for thermal imaging cameras.

The RevealPRO FF is the professional version of the predecessor model “Reveal” and is characterized in particular by a higher resolution and functional scope.
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FOV (Field of View) – What does it mean?

FOV (Field of View)

The so-called FOV (Field of View) is the extent that a camera or an optical instrument can record of its surroundings.

In the human eye, the eyelids, eyelids, etc., limit the facial field, and the opening can be specified with fixed angles (horizontal and vertical).
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